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Stock No: J25495

STRIPPIT FC 1000/20 20 ton, 20 Station CNC Turret Punch 1 Auto Index, Strippit Control

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Specification below, for more information and price please call us on 01949 861 653 or send us an enquiry via our online form


Serial No.
Year of Manufacture
Strippit Model 404561-000 Serial No. 010
Material thickness
1/4" / 6mm
Hole size
3.1/2" / 89mm
Sheet thickness
1/4" / 6mm
Sheet size
40" x 50" / 1016mm x 1270mm
Sheet weight
93 kgs
Throat depth
40" / 1016mm
X axis travel
40" / 1016mm
Y axis travel
51" / 1295mm
Hit rate
200 Hits per Minute @ 1" / 25.4mm Centres
380/420/3/50 ac
Rounds 2.5mm, 4.1mm, 6mm, 6.35mm, 17mm, 17.5mm, 18mm, 20.6mm, 22mm, 22.5mm, 25mm, 25.4mm, 34.6mm, 36.5mm, 38mm, 40mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 62mm, 65mm, 68mm, 70mm & 73mm. Obrounds 8mm x 4mm, 11mm x 4.5mm, 14mmx 7mm, 25.5mm x 10mm, 33.7mm x 28.16mm
34mm x 6mm, 35mm x 4mm, 40mm x 3mm, 40mm x 4mm, 70mm x 2mm, 75mm x 6mm & 88mm x 18mm, Rectangular 15.3mm x 12.7mm, 25.4mm x 19mm, 28.2mm x 21mm, 31mm x 23.5mm, 32mm x 12mm, 38mm x 16mm, 39.6mm x 25mm, 41mm x 28.3mm, 45.1mm x 8mm, 57mm x 18mm, 57mm x 20mm
& 58mm x 11.4mm. Squares 17.6mm, 25mm, 33mm & 50.8mm
Dimensions & weight
11'6" / 3.5m x 7'6" / 2.28m x 7'10" / 2.39m. Weight 10.1 ton / 10,220 kgs
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