The Suter Alpha 5 spiral duct forming line has a range of 80-200mm and allows a strip width of 60-160mm whilst having a speed rate of 4-120 metres per minute. It comes complete with 30 forming heads and a whole host of extra units including a stamping, forming and slitting units. It also has a 5 metre run off table and a 1 ton Elmea decoiler. This is Electro Motion's stock no: 29914.

Spiral Duct Forming Machine

The Twin Seam automatic square duct former has a material width range of 500 - 1300mm and sheet thickness range of  0.5-1.5mm which allows for a 140mm x 140mm smallest duct to be formed. Coming with a programmable controller & 3 straightening/profiling sections for strengthening ribs on materials. Supplied with 3 material un-coilers. This is Electro Motion's stock no: 31989.

Twin Seam Square Duct Machine

Of course, this post would be incomplete without a generic photo of spiral & square ducting sections

Square Spiral Ductwork Generic

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