If you’re old enough to remember 1996, what did it mean to you? There was a royal divorce, a cloned sheep named Dolly, the DVD became widely available and Mad Cow Disease hit Britain.

But for Electro Motion, it was the year that we launched our first website and we’re proud to say that in 1996 we were one of only 257,601 websites WORLD WIDE whereas there’s over 1 billion websites today (source internetlivestats.com).

Electro Motion's 1st Website on Netscape

It was a bold step back then and one that made the world a much smaller place. Making that investment helped bring ourselves, and the second hand machinery industry bang up to date and shaped the way we would do business today.

Above is a visual of how the original website looked back in 1996 using "the" leading Netscape Navigator browser and by contrast, our new website launched early 2016.

Electro Motion's Current Website













We've come a long way since we started in 1948 and we like to think we're one of the best around but like all used machinery suppliers (and all suppliers for that matter) we're all trying to tell you that we're better than the rest, offer the best prices, the best service but until you take the plunge you'll never know. So, call us now on 0116 276 6341 and let us help you make the right choice for you.

Now, on to a few other things that were happening 20 years ago in 1996

Toy Story, originally released in 1995 but came to the UK in 1996.."to infinity and beyond"

Take That broke hearts around the world and announced their split

Spice Girls took the world by storm

England crashed out of Euro '96 (sounds familiar)

Nokia released the iconic 8110 "Matrix" mobile phone 

Sir Steven Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent took gold at '96 Atlanta Olympic games


That's just a tiny snippet of what else happened in 1996 (besides Electro Motion getting on "t'internet")

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