After 2 full months since the launch of the new website, feedback has been very positive and encouraging with some great ideas for the future. Users have said, with our clearer menu's and logical layout, it was now easier than ever to find a machine.

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Our enquiry process is easier to use than before, so give it a go! By registering and having an account with Electro Motion, by logging in, you can ask us anything you like (within reason) about a machine and only enter your details once.

Or you can use the "contact and forget" method where a user enters contact details every time they enquire on a machine but the end result is still the same.

Talk or email us

Of course, there's always a phone call, we prefer to talk to you as things aren't always set in stone and we can find out more about your machinery needs, call us on 0116 276 6341. If you'd prefer to send an email to us, that's fine, it will always be seen and answered asap.

So, we look forward to meeting you soon :)

Tuesday, 23 February 2016Posted byElectro MotionCategoriesMachine Tools, Sheet Metal and Fabrication Machinery